Hack week

I think this week I will focus on hacks and easy buttons I have figured out. They may be obvious but sometimes, the obvious isn’t that easy to see or figure out when you are overwhelmed. Hack Number One: If you have tons of stuff- get rid of it.   I recently had the pleasure […]

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The Storm

I have recently moved very close to the river.  I live between valleys and bluffs. The storms here are intense. When thunder booms here it is precise and clear. There is an echo. You can feel in inside, it is visceral. The cracking is sharp, it demands to be heard and felt. Flashes of lightning cut through […]

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Cliff’s Notes

My truth is hard. To sum it up I was a terrible kid. I was terrible even very young and my family cast me out. Collectively. I was too much. They were “good” and I was ‘bad” at 5 years old. At 10. 15. 40. Any time I am “too much” I am disposable. When I was […]

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Lets Taco bout it

  Been kind of spicy lately. Lets put that into food. I have been making my own taco seasoning for some time. I have heard some say it is cheaper, I don’t find that to be accurate. It can be comparable to that strange generic orange stuff you can buy, but it is so much […]

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Fighting a battle within.   The more pain, the more darkness encroaches.   If you spend too long in the dark,  You will forget which came first.  You must fight the darkness.   It is cyclical.   Where do I put it? The energy.   If you release it inappropriately, it increases.   It is […]

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via Daily Prompt: Survive One to wake you up One to put you down and get you through that bottle White collar-so it doesn’t count as addiction Collecting people to create an idiot army Only the weak you choose To do your bidding So you don’t feel alone, nor get your hands dirty Everyone and […]

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Adrift in Wonderland

via Daily Prompt: Adrift As children we are taught right from wrong.  We are given a compass to navigate life. The values and paths we take are a direct reflection of other peoples choices. As we grow, our hearts and minds are broken with a modified view of the world. At adult age we are […]

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DD-Deadline Day.

Deadlines are everywhere. Today is a deadline for someone. The world is full of deadlines. Deadlines mean something different to me. With chronic illness you are always sick. Every day. It is something you manage. But sometimes you get really fucking sick. Something new. Something different. For me deadline day helps me cope with the […]

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