My name means darkness and light. I work very hard to stay in the light.   Every road I have travelled in my life has led me to this moment. Not one thing I have done in my life can be forgotten or discarded. It has built a strong person who has seen a lot of life’s corners. From dark to light I have forged forward, willing or unwilling, for I have no choice.

In the middle of my life I have found myself in a place that is uncharted. There are many things for which I no longer have control. When I was diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, I was scared but after some research it explains my entire life, from birth to this very second.

I have never quite fit anywhere. Always awkward and strange. I tried so very hard to find my place, now with the knowledge I have obtained, I don’t give a fuck where I fit. EDS makes me very physically flexible so I am now mentally flexible. You can like me. You can hate me. It isn’t going to change the fact that I am a bad mother fucker and stronger than most. I also say what I want. Please enjoy life as I see it.

I will be posting recipes at least weekly. I cook for my children daily. I cook healthy traditional meat based dinners as well as low inflammation vegetarian/vegan meals. Both are nutrient dense, tasty as hell, with as many spoon hacks as possible. I cook like a painter- I fly of the hip with ingredients and must learn to convert to measurements and recipes. hehe

Disclosure: I do have good days and bad days. While I have had some serious optimistic shit hit me in the face like a brick- the dark days suck. I will try and at least make it funny.

Laughter is in fact the best medicine, unless you face swap with Bill Cosby and have stitches in your abdomen. Or diarrhea. Yes, true story.