Too much therapy? 

Is there such thing as too much therapy? 

I believe yes.  While it is helpful why must it drudge up old shit? 

Maybe it is to resolve or add closure.  Some go to therapy to talk and work through things.  Some go for advice. Some go just so they can say they went.  

Also the types of therapists. I’ve been to so many therapists.  Some just talk a lot.  Some listen.  Some want to know what came before.  Some want to diagnose- without a PhD.  Some want to diagnose the ones around you- without even meeting them. 

Idk.  I agree that some therapy is good.  I love EMDR.  But as an adult I do not like talk therapy that goes back to my childhood, no matter how relevant.  It tends to piss me off.  Make me dark.  Some things as an adult are better left where they were.  

Point being therapy is good as long as the effects are positive.   Moving forward always.  Even if just an inch. Solution based.  

Big Zebra hugs.  Been a rough month. See you soon. 


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