Dog Food

I have two fur babies. Boston Terriers. The infamous BatPig!

These puppies are my support system. They know when I don’t feel good. They protect me. Comfort. I recently had surgery and when I have to do stuff that is particularly painful, they come with me, press against my legs and lick my feet.

Sometimes they trade off. Sometimes they come as a pair, one on each side holding me strong. They don’t like it when I cry or am in pain. They come running with hugs and sloppy kisses. They stay in the bathroom with me while I bathe. They watch me a lot. Sometimes I wonder if they are mine or I am theirs. It doesn’t matter. This is real love.

I have been buying them the best dog food ever because they are the best! Last week it was time to get another bag but I got notification that the manufacturer was under investigation for making dogs sick!!!

Boston Terriers have short stubby noses that make them inhale air while they eat causing the most atrocious gas on the planet. I am seriously considering subbing them out to contractors to peel paint and wallpaper.

When I got the notice about the dog food I use I got scared. These are my tiny soulmates. They eat what I give them. Trusting me to feed them something healthy. I started researching recipes for your dog.

I will tell you that when you google this, you will come up with recipes made out of DOG. WTF right?! NO NO NO  change search. Healthy DIY dog food recipes.

I found several articles on making food for your dog based on their breed and size. My dogs have been grain free for sometime. Gluten free dogs HA! Boston terriers need protein, fat and veggies.

I started digging in my deep freezer for stuff. I had everything they needed.

I bake freezer burnt chicken breasts or ground turkey I already had but didn’t want to throw away. Mix it with freezer burnt veggies. (we all have freezer burnt stuff, don’t judge me)

2 Lbs Chicken, Fish or Turkey

2 cups white rice

2 cups veggies (I have been using carrots and broccoli) Pumpkin, sweet potato and peas will work as well.

Cook all of this, chop, and add 2 TBSP olive or coconut oil. Do not get rid of juices while cooking add to finished product. Store in fridge- air tight container.

Salt and garlic are great to add but do not add pepper or onions.

I add in 1 TBS Greek Yogurt when I serve about 2x a week to help with probiotics.

They gobble it up! NO FARTS! NO Grass eating or tummy rumbles!! IT IS A MIRACLE.

I give one cup a piece for my 22LB dogs.

I had surgery recently. The dogs had to eat their old food again, the kibble. It was like a dirty bomb went off in my house. We will not be switching back.

I did a cost analysis. I paid about 60 dollars every six weeks for premium super power probiotic dog food. Making it myself would not only be better but the cost is half! And I can use stuff that is clogging up my pantry and fridge. Pick up poultry and veggies on sale, freeze and use later.

The only downfall is when I am cooking they think it is always for them! But that is ok. 🙂



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