Beauty and the Beast-When invisible illness isn’t invisible.

It is difficult to look nice and be ill simultaneously.  No matter how much natural beauty you possess the wasting and waxy/inflammation pallor are hard to cover up.

I can give you a tutorial on contouring and make up tips but who the hell wants to fuss with all of that? Not me. Outward image means next to nothing to me but it is nice to  blend in sometimes. Feel normal.


Tip one: If you have something to do tomorrow, shower today. Showering can be a real pain in the ass. It takes a lot of energy. The temperature changes and activity can really cause issues. If you must shower plan breaks to regain spoons.

Tip two: Standing to do hair is bologna. I set up my bed by a mirror and can literally blow dry my hair from the bed.  I tend to only do the roots because I cannot hold my hands above my head long. I would love to cut my hair off and have a simple style but that takes energy and sitting in a salon with all of those smells and sounds that could trigger a migraine making it impossible to drive home. Pigtail braids are great or a simple ponytail.

*Grey roots suck! LOREAL makes a great spray called “Root Coverup” It’s around ten bucks but it lasts a few months and it works wonders. Just don’t run your fingers through your hair much.

Tip Three: Standing to do makeup is dumb. I always lay flat on my bed. First I access my skin tone. I have two- green or red. They say the inflammation face is a pain but I use it as an advantage. I mix a calming face cream with a tad of foundation. I brush that all over except where I would apply blush.  If I am green, I add blush to help brighten up. I brush my brows and lashes with a bit of coconut oil use a good glossy chapstick and woot- Move aside Ariana Grande.

Tip four: Clothing. I literally wear leggings and tanks 365. They are soft materials that do not cause any discomfort. In the summer they wick away moisture, in the winter they insulate. You can add layers to account for the weather and change the top color to offset your current skin tones. If I am green, I stay away from greys, white and greens. Try a pink to reflect vitality.

Tip five: This one is very important. The clothes that no one sees- undergarments and socks. When I have something very difficult to do- I wear special socks or undergarments. I have Wonder Woman underoos (haha) that I wear when I have painful procedures and snazzy socks when I am scared. They give me a tiny boost. I have to wear compression socks to help increase my blood pressure and they have some really cute ones!! Hello Kitty, Owls. Zebra or just bright stripes. I even have Wonder Woman knee socks that have tiny capes. They always make me feel like superman. Under my clothes is my secret superhero. 🙂

I cannot tell you that I do this everyday. My skin does not tolerate products well, but on certain occasions we deserve to feel beautiful too. When all else fails- thank god for filters.

Rock on.


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