It is said that forgiveness is strength. Forgiving someone who has crossed a boundary or damaged you is difficult. It does takes strength. It is much easier to feel that anger. Forgiving yourself for your own actions is harder. Rarely do we get angry or hold animosity for our own missteps.

Forgiving yourself is harder because self preservation allows us to justify our own actions, voiding what we would feel if someone else had performed in the same manner.

This is what I believe defines character, awareness of one’s own actions and the impact they have concerning others.

Forgiving one’s self is taking inventory without justification. Looking at the actions as they are, the real motive behind them, identifying the flaw and learning. This is imperative, if we go through life only seeing the flaws in others and not ourselves we will continue to be victims but in reality be the predator.

Forgiveness is strength if the situation is evaluated objectively. Forgiveness is strength if you have learned from the experience.

It is not forgiveness if it is held or shelved. This causes weakness not strength but the bitterness can feel like strength.



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