Hack week

I think this week I will focus on hacks and easy buttons I have figured out. They may be obvious but sometimes, the obvious isn’t that easy to see or figure out when you are overwhelmed.

Hack Number One:

If you have tons of stuff- get rid of it.


I recently had the pleasure of moving. By moving I mean moving from my bed in one place to it in another. When I was told I had to move, I spent a lot of time trying to make it easier for the people who had to move my stuff.

I filtered the “things”

1-What do I use daily?

2-What do I use weekly?

3-What do I use monthly?

4-What has sentimental value?

5-Will I realistically ever use this again? (I failed at this one haha)

If it didn’t fall into these categories, I donated.

In the process of moving, several loads were given to a great church that does outreach in the community.  Don’t get a receipt- just do it for the good. It feels better.

After relocating what was left, I still have too much stuff. But we will get back to that another day. (number 5)

My job in moving and packing/unpacking was to plan and think.

Packing, I made sure like things went together. Got rid of duplicates. Label everything.

Unpacking. I tried to make the things I use often go in places I don’t have to struggle to get.

Eliminate bending stooping or reaching. Eliminate lifting.

For example, I have a large shelving unit I had placed in the kitchen. On the shelf at waist level, I put my favorite cooking vessels. No bending or reaching.

Next to the stove- I placed in the drawers my cooking utensils. In the cabinet, my spices, oils and anything I may need to prevent spending energy walking to the pantry.

I have an island right next to the stove that I bought at Costco a few years back to prep, and place things.

Everything is at stool level so I can sit and work.

There are shock absorbing mats so when I must stand, it is not too bad and I always wear shoes.

This bit of planning makes cooking easier.

Mis en place- Everything in its place. Always make sure you have everything you need before you start a project.

Strategic placement of everything, including dry goods helps tremendously.

This also helps save money in the pantry. If like things are together and visible, you will not overbuy.

Also I have kids and I employ them a great deal.

Learning their way around a kitchen won’t hurt their social life 🙂

Teaching them scratch cooking will give them a leg up.

Teaching them efficiency will make them superior.

Helping their mother makes them kind.

Enjoy day one of hacks.




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