Beware of the Pack Mentality

The journey of being under diagnosed to over diagnosed. It produces the same results except now I have more preexisting conditions. EDS, ME/CFS, Chiari, dysautonomia, MVP, osteopenia, DDD, fluoroquilonone toxicity, IC, IBS, adhesions, hernia, MCAS, POTS, nerve conduction problems, absorption problems leading to extreme weight loss and broken bones. There is more but cliffs notes […]

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Too much therapy? 

Is there such thing as too much therapy?  I believe yes.  While it is helpful why must it drudge up old shit?  Maybe it is to resolve or add closure.  Some go to therapy to talk and work through things.  Some go for advice. Some go just so they can say they went.   Also […]

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Dog Food

I have two fur babies. Boston Terriers. The infamous BatPig! These puppies are my support system. They know when I don’t feel good. They protect me. Comfort. I recently had surgery and when I have to do stuff that is particularly painful, they come with me, press against my legs and lick my feet. Sometimes […]

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I am starting to get a tad freaked out.  The person I asked to take me to surgery bailed on me.  It is tomorrow.   I could ask my better half but he already does so much.  He would do anything I ask.  I know this.  I try to lessen the load on him.   […]

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Hello Kitty

Well surgery is quickly approaching.  Another surgery.  My fears of surgery and general anesthesia come with a list of precautions.   Surgery has proven to make things worse in the past.  Maybe this time it will actually make things better.  🤞 I keep asking the doctors if it necessary.  They say yes. I warn them […]

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I remember when I was a teenager. I would ride around on back roads with my best friend and listen to music. We would listen to the tunes that were foreshadowing our futures. We had no idea that just becoming good people with decent morals was going to get us nowhere. We should have become […]

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via Daily Prompt: Taper I haven’t written lately. My fevers are back and having a rough patch. I finally had a laundry list that I felt was worthy to go to the doctor. When you are sick like me you try not to bother your physicians with the day-to-day bullshit. My primary care doctor is […]

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It is said that forgiveness is strength. Forgiving someone who has crossed a boundary or damaged you is difficult. It does takes strength. It is much easier to feel that anger. Forgiving yourself for your own actions is harder. Rarely do we get angry or hold animosity for our own missteps. Forgiving yourself is harder […]

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Wednesday Hacks

Happiness is not a race. Being happy is not a competition. Yes, it is great being happy. Yes, sometimes you must fake it until you make it. But shaming those who are not your perception of happy is like telling someone you don’t understand why their shoes don’t fit because yours fit just fine. Life is not […]

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